Rule the Ridge is a freeride/big mountain oriented SLVSH style bracket tournament that will be taking place this season at Bridger Bowl, rather than SLVSH we will play RIDGE. Anybody who has spent time at bridger or has seen videos of the absolute fucking rippers that call bbowl home know that this is going to be the shit to watch this winter. i started it 3 days before bridger got shut down in the spring, so we never got to play. I am going to be making a new bracket for this season, there will be a men's and women's bracket.

rules are pretty simple and super similar to SLVSH:

1. you can call anything at bridger; hits, tricks or lines. creativity is awesome. if you want to straight line sluicebox, fucking go for it. you want to frontflip into elfstone? thatd be super rad. saber to right turn? better buck up thats pretty gnar.

2. the ref can call a loose or a tight game, but should call it at the beginning. backslaps vs clean, it is at the ref's discretion

3. players can call a sloppy landing if they want. example: gonna backflip this cliff, backslaps are fine if you ride out

4. trivia crack rules, just like slvsh. 3 letters on your opponent in a row and its the other person's set

5. 1 letter against your opponent in the park per game. slvsh has got park covered, this is about freeride/big mountain

6. games can be played over multiple days; just try and keep the same reffing style (tight vs loose)

7. gotta have a bridger pass or at least good confidence you'll be able to make it for your games

i'm probably going to do a cheap buy in for players, money will go to editing/trophies/winner

i've talked with a local ski company too and theres a chance we will have some sets of boards to give to the winners.

All games will be filmed and ref'd, if anybody knows someone who might be or is interested in editing the games, hit me up here, or on instagram @ruletheridge or @aiden_mccamountain

if anybody has any ideas or suggestions feel free to let me know! this is for the people, its going to be fucking awesome