Coach Tucker Speer joined in the contest along with The Might Zeach.

It’s PARTY TIME with Rome Snowboards, here at Windells Snowboard Camp 2012. Sharks, tank tops, and wild times are rampant at camp. During Session 1, Rome AmArmy rider, Riley Nickerson led a high ollie contest on hill. Armed with a high ollie set up, including a bar that could be placed higher in increments, Riley set up the contest and gave the campers tips on getting more pop in their ollies in order to make it over the bar.

Proper ollie form. For those of you at home, make sure to get those knees up!

Camper Noah ollies while grabbing a limited edition, summer-only Rome SDS Party Time tank top.

Marketing crew member NJ Petersen was confident in the campers’ ollies, as you can see.

Riley Nickerson ollies over the bar in the middle of an excited group of snowboarders. Thanks Rome!