Last week I had surgery on my right acl (anterior cruciate ligament - located in the inner knee joint capsule). When I became mobile, aided by crutches, walking up and down stairs became a whole new and albeit complex endeavor. It seems such a simple task which doesn't require any thought, it's virtually as simple as walking. You don't look at the stairs with contempt and think... Oh no, I have to walk up those 8 stairs. Now... that is exactly what happens. I begin to rationalize each trip up or down. Is it really that necessary that I use the bathroom? I can hold it. Now I seem to have to form a strategy before ascending or descending them and plan on inhabiting that area of the house for a considerable amount of time before I inevitably have to attack those dreaded stairs again. The task was confusing at first I must admit. I now have auxiliary legs where my arms used to be in the form of metal objects that have to support my weight. If any of you have been on crutches, you know what I'm talking about. I've since become much more proficient doing this menial task and now have a new found respect for Stairs.