I hate to say it, but I'm a fair weather skier. For this reason, among many others, I look forward to summer skiing all year round. Nothing put a bigger smile on your face than waking up in the back of your van, and spinning slushy hot laps through the park with your friends in the sun. The following photos are from my summer adventures to Mount Hood, OR, up the Washington coast, and a month in Whistler, BC.

'Murica & The "Banana Van"

Wake up

B.C. Ferries

Bill Wesson in a tree & Floating Tree

Crab cakes anyone?

RAD packs (http://radpacks.tumblr.com)

Eye sea you

Sea 2 Sky Hwy

Future trees

Sunrise near Pendleton, OR


Max and I catchin' some air & Oregon roadside attractions

Bike to work

Erik Olson contemplates life, and skiing on volcanoes


Friends & Dry 'em out

Classic view from the top of Palmer chair

Meltdown 2013

Fuller Lake & Vancouver

Brothers Heule X RAD caps

Giant Sitka spruce & Laundry day

Highway man

6 tricks at Camp of Champions


More photos can be found on my blog