Sir Richard Branson says that most innovation is born of frustration.  Well, lack of snow frustrated the skiers in us, as did lame attempts at solutions like grass skis and glorified inline skates.  So we came up with a way to really ski that was easy, cheap and that made use of resources readily available to fellow skiers, like old skis and roads!

ROAD SKIS combine longboard and waveboard technology to give you a realistic skiing experience.  The trucks carve and the casters glide in 360-degrees, so you can edge and slide just like you're on snow.ROAD SKIS hardware is easier to set up than mounting bindings.  Each set of ROAD SKIS comes with detailed, illustrated instructions, as well as a mounting template, so you know exactly where to place each piece for maximum performance.  If you've got a drill, a screwdriver and a wrench set, we'll have you on the "slopes" in under an hour.

And ROAD SKIS are easy to master.  If you’re a decent snow skier, you can be making great turns very quickly.  Check out our video.  It shows an expert skier after spending about 2 hours on them.  He's not quite dialed in, but clearly in control and having fun!