Words by Julien HeonPictures by "Le_Doberman"

If any of you have ever been to Montreal, you know that this city issynonym of PARTY. But when it comes to do a "Rider Party" in the party town, watch out. On Friday, Nov. 26, Axis Boardshop and Liberty Skis presented the 3rd edition of the Riders' Party, Snow Class Edition at Le

Sunset club on st-Denis street, downtown Montreal.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Faithful to Montreal renown, the beautiful ladies were at the rendezvous. These beautiful women highly enjoyed being the audience of Liberty guest Josh Wisenthal in the VIP section, who blew their minds with tales of his adventures through the opium dens of the far east.

No exception to the stars attendance was made, in fact, Ns.com VP Sales Doug Bishop and Director of operations Chris O'Connell did not miss on Liberty's Canada Sales and Sports Marketing Director's special invitation.

With pitchers selling at $8, and shooters for $3, no need to tell that everyone in the place was having great fun, oh, and note that this is Canadian dollars! Over $3000 in prizes was given away trough out the evening, including a pair of Liberty Skis that were awarded to the first person to bring a pitcher full of beer, a bra, and name a Quebecois pro skier!!!

Outside, an anxious crowd awaits entry.

Montreal's famous DJ Res-Q was taking care of mixing good music to some of the best movies, such as Red Tape and Versys from Plehouse Films. The party was also for snowboarders, but the skiers took over!!! It turns

out snowboard chicks dig skier dudes, and the crew was willing to take advantage of this situation.

The attendance exceeded expectation, the coat check poles even came out of the ceiling under the load of jackets, and some people were refused entry. These people will learn next time Liberty Skis put together a debaucherie, and arrive earlier. The epic proportion of the line up was going both ways of the street, and tons of give aways from

the sponsors were thrown from the balcony to keep the crowd in the party mood.

There are 37 drunk Canadians in this picture. Can you count them all?

Thanks to the sponsors: Liberty Skis, Axis Boardshop, Burton, Base Energy Drink, Volcom, Plehouse Films, Edgecut, H2Snow, Billabong, O'neill Surf shop, Roxy, QuickSilver, l'Express Ski-Snowboard and 69 Surfwear.