When I began this journey of higher learning 4 years ago I expected to come out of it a completely different person and it some ways, that's true. Let's have a look.18 year old Mike Stats:Status: In a RelationshipOccupation: NoneLife Ambition: NoneCollege: The College of St. RoseMajor: Communications 4 Year Plan: "Plan, what plan? I'm going to fucking kick your ass in beer pong tonight"Goals: Making it onto CollegeHumor.com by duct taping a good friend to the ceiling and marrying my girlfriend. Photographic Evidence of Life Goals:

This was really important to me 4 years ago.23 year old Mike Stats:Status: SingleOccupation: Newschoolers.com "Staff Writer" or as some call it "unemployed"Life Ambition: Working in the ski industry and being happyCollege: State University of New York - PotsdamMajor: English Literature and Writing4 Year Plan: "Living the dream, skiing, and making it happen"Goals: Finding a more permanent place in the ski industry. Photographic Evidence of Life Goals:
Get some Today, I attended the last class of my undergraduate career. Walking out of the class room, I reflected on the years spent chugging beer, writing papers, traveling in the jeep to events, and formulating a budget based on the little pay I was getting. Most of all, I thought of the friends I've made and the careful balancing act I performed to keep school and skiing at an even keel, never letting one take over more of my life than the other. Now that school is over, perhaps skiing will take a more prominent role in my life. Maybe not. Either way, I've had a great run these last 4+ years. To those of you that watched the short film I produced, Ride Another Day - Life After School - Thanks. I'd like to show you an exclusive sneak peak at the sequel to the film. Thanks again and keep shreddin'-Rogge