Pow Pow in March.

So this update is pretty weak as

far as pictures go since getting myself out into the BC is a struggle

itself…  much less getting a photographer out there.  Regardless, the

last two weeks have dropped about 150 inches of snow here in Utah. 

It’s been powder day after powder day making for some good

opportunities to get out into the backcountry and try to get some shots

for the new 4bi9 movie. 

In Mid February I bought this.


snowmobile.  Since then it’s been frustrating, tiring, annoying, but

most importantly a ton of fun.  I spent my first two outings on it

undigging it and trying not to get stuck, which is almost impossible

when you have at least one or two people being towed the entire time.  

Either way, I’ve been able to ski some amazing terrain and get a few

decent shots. 

Caption:  A fun little pillow line in Guardsman pass.

Caption: little step down jump in Guardsman.

Caption: A neat tree tap thing in Grizzly Gulch.


all of those pictures are from my little digi cam so they’re not the

best, but you get the point.  Thanks to Ryan Wyble and Kyle Lukacs for

taking the pictures.

Have a ballin’ spring time if you’re hill

is still open, and ski as much as you can because in another couple

weeks it’s all done. 

- Rich