I was really excited to go to Spokane for a big Poor Boyz Premiere of Revolver after missing the First kick off in Seattle on Sept. 11th.  I was busy skiing in South America so I guess I had an OK excuse, but I am really happy I made it out to Spokane for their show, it was a big one, packed theatre and the funnest part was throwing out swchag which was well documented here by Parker Hemingway with photos. A big thanks to him for some photos.

Also I got to sign my new Chad’s Gap poster which was really fun, handed some out at the Sports Creel rail jam that took place during the day before the movie showing.  I am really looking forward to the Bend Premiere, so everyone come out to that one, I will be signing posters and having a good time.

Julie and I in the photobooth.
They are ready.
Flying gear.
Lucky winner of some new Atomic Panic Park Skis.
The new Poster Thanks to Atomic for a ton of them.
Sports Creel Rail Jam was way fun.
Fresh poster.

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