Hey guys,

I'm assuming if you are reading this thread either you or you know someone that was ripped off by revision. Almost three years ago I pre-ordered a pair of skis from them and they kept pushing back the shipping date. At first I was fine with this because they gave out a 100 dollar credit to use for their website. After I placed my order with the 100 dollar credit I was told I would receive the skis and the other items by the end of the ski season. By the end of the season I had not received anything, so I sent them a few emails and never heard back from them. Feeling as if I had been scammed I contacted my bank and they we're unable to do anything about it. This led me to report Revision to the better business bureau and the Michigan attorney general's office. As of today I understand that Revision is under investigation by the government and they are looking to press charges on the owner. So there's a possibility if you were ripped off you may receive a refund! If you guys still have old emails from the company you should contact the Michigan attorney general's office and forward them the emails to strengthen their evidence against Revision.