After months of discussion, designing and coding, is proud to announce the return of one of our core content areas, the Reviews section! You can check it out through this amazing blue internet portal or by clicking on “Reviews” under the Resources drop-down menu. Our old reviews system was about as functional as a size XXL G-string: It didn’t cover what should be covered, and what was covered, you probably didn’t want to see anyway. So we’ve reworked the system, making it easier to access, moderate and – most importantly – easier for you to contribute.Like every section of Newschoolers, the Reviews system is community-based, meaning that almost all of the information comes directly from you, the consumer. You’ll be reading reviews by skiers just like yourself who’ve purchased their own equipment and used (and abused) it in real-world conditions. We want to make accessible the opinions of the thousands of NS members with intimate knowledge of their ski equipment, so that other members can make informed buying decisions without having to rely upon buyer’s guides, which typically only offer one take on a given product.We’ve gotten started by adding a few of our own reviews, but now it’s up to you to fill out the content of the section. You’ll be required to fill out a brief reviewer profile so that other members will know what kind of a skier you are - if a member describes K2 Fujatives as “heavy,” it might help to know that he’s 5’4,” 95 lbs. and known as “Toothpick” in his eighth-grade science class. Once you’ve completed your profile, you’ll be able to start adding your own reviews. In order to maximize participation and feedback, members can rate and comment on individual reviews, and even rate other reviewers. The more input, the more useful the system will be, so have at it!- the NS team