in partnership with Liberty Skis is proud to announce the winner of the Newschoolers Contest: Retro Rails.

Selecting a winner from the top five as voted by the NS Community was a tough choice. Additionally only one of the five finalists added a second video, so four contestants were judged based on their initial edit. In the end we decided that "Retro Rails at Sunapee" by SNP_Crew had the best edit - congrats guys hope you enjoy the Liberty Antigens!

We enjoyed all the retro edits. Most notably we thought one video oozed so much 80's, bumps, and lunacy that even though they didn't feature many rails we felt we had to give them recognition. In second place and receiving some schwag from is "A day in the life of a one piece" by SourSteezle$.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, look for another contest soon...