A year ago on this trip, I landed on a rock and blew up my knee. I came back to make peace with the mountains. It's been a long year, I won't lie. Lot's of endless P.T. visits (and more to come), hours spent in the gym, days spent watching the snowfall and my heart breaking a bit as my roommates went out to shred, and smiles when I got back on skis. I'm still not 100%. With two surgeries behind me, my knee is still in recovery. I'm still going to PT twice a week trying to gain my range of motion back. I'm around 145 degrees, plus or minus a few (full range being 156). I've learned not to call my affected knee the bad knee, they are both good knees, one is just unaffected. My ligaments are strong, my muscle is back, I'm just waiting on the range of motion (getting my heal to touch my butt). I've been skiing, but not yet released to ski hard. Making turns has been amazing both mentally and physically, but I can't wait until the day when I am fully charging again. Until then, I'll be working my ass off to get to that point. Anyways, I'll have a bigger and better update about my trip to Retallack as soon as I sort through the photos. Enjoy this late season powder if you're in Tahoe!!! Love.