This is a response to Erica's article: How To Go To College And Ski As Much As Possible

What's the best way to go to college AND ski your brains out? Great question, friend!

Well, the answer isn't what Erica suggested.

The real answer is: you can't. It's impossible. College requires you to "be in class" and "take tests" and "turn in homework."

One time, I failed Organic Chemistry because I was in Canada and apparently you aren't "allowed" to take tests in Canada.

The only real way to go to college and ski as much as possible is to:

A) go to online school

B) drop out

C) build a teleportation device

There you go folks. Pick one of those three options and you can ski as much as you want! Personally, I recommend online college.

I failed two classes, but I got an A in drinking.