Calgary, AB – November 8, 2007 - Resorts of the Canadian Rockies Inc. (RCR) is recognized as an industry leader in providing world-class guest experiences at its mountain resorts throughout Canada. In doing so, RCR believes that safety in its mountain environments is one of its most important values. Supporting this mandate, RCR is moving in a new direction that will enhance safety at all of its resorts.

RCR cares deeply about the well-being of all of its guests and takes responsibility for their care very seriously. "We are undertaking an industry-leading initiative," says Matt Mosteller, Senior Director of Business Development for Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. "All man-made snow jumps will be eliminated from RCR terrain parks this season."

"We have found that one of the main issues that increase the likelihood of serious injury on our mountains is big air," says Mosteller. "When we are making decisions about safety at our resorts, the big jumps in the terrain parks always come into the equation. We decided to make a change."

Continues Mosteller, "We are committed to providing our guests with a safe experience at our mountains. We realize that this change may disappoint some guests who regularly use these man-made jump features. However, we believe we have a strong moral obligation to not compromise the safety of our guests."

At the same time, RCR will be making an increased investment in new rails and features for RCR's terrain parks. For example, this year's RCR TELUS Park at Lake Louise Mountain Resort features the highest-ever investment in new, state-of-the-art rail features that will cater to a wide variety of ages and abilities. RCR will have rail parks this season at Lake Louise Mountain Resort, Fernie Alpine Resort and Nakiska.

With the new rail park format, RCR will host a Rail Jam Series that will take place at Lake Louise Mountain Resort, Fernie Alpine Resort and Nakiska. Features used in the Rail Jam Series will be suitable for a high level of competition, while also adhering to safe practices.

For the past three seasons, RCR has also worked hard on developing its

family-friendly terrain parks. These unique parks, separate from the larger parks, feature small rails, boxes and rollers, encouraging learning, safety and fun in a non-intimidating environment. The feedback on these parks has been positive and they will continue to develop at all of the resorts.

About Resorts of the Canadian Rockies

Resorts of the Canadian Rockies Inc. (RCR) is the largest private ski resort owner/operator in North America, owning six ski resorts across Canada, including Lake Louise Mountain Resort and Nakiska in Alberta; and Fernie Alpine Resort and Kimberley Alpine Resort in British Columbia. RCR also owns and manages a number of hotels, backcountry lodges and golf courses, including Trickle Creek

in Kimberley, and Wintergreen Golf and Country Club in Bragg Creek. RCR aims to provide each and every guest The Ultimate Experience.