There are dreams, dream boats and super stars. There are ice crystals and princesses. There are sunny days and starry nights. There are lights that shift in between the afternoon beams that shine across the mountains. There are snow puff storms and down comforter giggles. There is steamed swiss milk that you drop flakes of chocolate in and swirl around. It all melts in the pours of your mouth that leaves you with sensations to dream about. The ones that take you away on a magic carpet rides. To dream and explore your imagination. To discover what you want, to taste a longing for romance, to live the vision you once had. Never let the dream die. It is like the children?s innocence, it is youth and love and a never ending fear of knowing. Never let it go, its being a kid for life!

Resi Stiegler has been with Shred since the beginning and continues to charge the race hill even after multiple injuries to her knees. Catch all the Resi news, photos and musings at her site: