It was a bit of tough love this week in Vail. I had to really step it up. Went from little tikes to big league real fast. It was full length and injected ice so I had to really focus. I ended up skiing 5 days of slalom with around 4 runs of full length a day. I really struggled with the fine line of trying to race and be fast and trying to tone it down and stay focused on where I need to be which is working on my skills. Watching all the big kids gets me so excited I just get in the gate and want to go. But I have some work to do. I also had some good fights mentally, with one good cry on the chair life, I think I made progress. Its so difficult sometimes but I just need to be patient and relax. Know that it will come.

As for the awesomeness, its my birthday week and I have had the best presents already delivered. Kevin got me a sick sick camera. I must have been taking really bad shots because he got me the new G12 which is so cool I have been shooting away and everything looks so beautiful. Then I had dinner with my brother and he got me the new bobble water bottle that I had been eyeing and he didn?t even know. He just guessed I would like something like that since I am such a water snob. I hate everyones water, it makes me sick. Im just so lucky to have been born in a place with such amazing water. I think that might be my calling. Designing awesome water for people so they have energy like me!

Now as everyone heads up to Finland for the world cup I am at home resting. My first week of in about a year. It feels amazing and I haven?t even really relaxed yet. I am so in love with my home. This is perfect before the season really takes off!

I hope everyone is having an awesome day!