Thought your murdered out goggles could hide your highness from that guy you picked up from the singles line? Think again. Researchers have confirmed the suspicions of ski hill tokers everywhere with a new report definitively proving that everyone, including your lift partners can tell that you are stoned. If you weren’t already freaking out about it, you better start.

The study shows that you’re not making any sense when you talk, and you’ll probably feel like this forever. Even though ski clothes are much more robust than your normal jeans and hoody the smell of marijuana smoke can linger for up to months, no matter how fast you ski. Smell or not, you have been telling the same story for the entire lift ride, and that guys is definitely laughing at you, not with you.

The study goes on to state that it’s not only the guy on the chairlift that can tell, but ski patrol, the lodge workers and even the skiers around you. Despite the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, most ski areas are on federal land. So if you hear a noise, it’s probably the cops. These new findings dispute previous research which established that “it’s all good.”