Last Sunday, I drove my Ford to visit friend and felt the road quality was really becoming worse and worse. My car was broken on halfway. At first I understood there was something wrong with it but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Half an hour later, it didn’t work. Ford shocks and struts were broken. I have no way but call someone to repair. After examination, the problem is more complex than I imagined. The Ford quick strut didn’t work very well, either.

I spent much money on these parts and labor cost. I complained to my friend and he told me it would be cheaper on the Internet shop. My friend is very professional on auto parts. He said quick strut is the revolutionary new way to replace struts. It is an all-in-one replacement system which results in easier, safer and quicker installations. It replaces Ford complete strut assembly including the shock absorber, spring and bearing plate, so your car’s handling and control will be as good as new.

I searched these auto parts on Internet and regret a lot because I found if I bought them from these auto parts online stores, I would save most of the cost. I believe though I am not a mechanic, I am capable to install these parts by myself.   B2C | B2B2C