so I wanted to go skiing on wednesday and I still did not have my bindings on my skies or my boots as it was the bindings were in a box on my chair in the basement, my boots were in woodbridge which is like 2 hours away, so I called my buddy and we decided to meet at the shop which I got my bindings from so i could return the poles I got because the girl gave my folks the wrong ones when they went to pick them up, and have the bindings mounted so I left work right at 430 and hit the hwy. I made wicked time for the first 20 mins covered alot of ground then got stuck behind the plow trucks and they were doing 40kmph and my buddy was stuck in a traffic jam in the city and the store closes in 30 mins we made it to the shop at 5:55 but i called and the guy said he would mount them for me he did not mind staying a bit later which was awsome, i got my poles and we did go skiing and thats when I started to remember why this sport is my passion I love it the snow the people the lifts the rails the jumps the boxes everything, the moguels (o and I cant spell lol) the cold I just love skiing, I am going to ski all weekend and we are going to finish my 14 foot ramp in my back yard and build a huge booter in a feild and have my buddy pull us in on his sled

peace for now Mike