16 of the worlds best freeriders spent this morning ripping one of Les Arcs many perfect faces apart. After the field was narrowed to 8 for the head to head knockout round, Laurent De Martin surprised everyone by eliminating last year's champion Sam Farvet. Flo Bastien and Leo Taillefer beat out the last of the US riders standing in Parker White and Sage respectively. But it was Nico Vuignier's perfectly grabbed spins both ways and off natural hits that were enough to knock out Richard Permin and ultimately seal the overall win. Although he ended up in fourth, massive props to Leo T who killed it all day. He looked like he would end up on top, but was unable to put down his double backflip on the tracked out course the guys were faced with in the super finals.

This is without doubt one of the best events in skiing and long may it continue. Shout out to Les Arcs and Red Bull for backing this one!

1. Nico Vuginier

2. Laurent De Martin

3. Flo Bastien

4. Leo Taillefer