The day 2 finals at Red Mountain saw some impressive skiing and some big bails as the juniors shredded into hard packed snow and rocky exposure.  Big cheers for the winners and some hard heartbreak for those that didn't stick their lines.  This year's finals saw the 16-18's skiing the entire venue of link's line, the 12-15's limited to the kitchen sink and no lower cliff band and the 7-11 having to stick to the open run with no big bands of rock open.  So without further delay here's the results.

Girls 7-11

1st Mackenzie Flood (Red Freeriders)

2nd Jemma Capel

3rd Kimberly Best (Red Freeriders)

Boys 7-11

1st Parker Costain

2nd Kevin Nichols

3rd Simon Hillis (Red Freeriders)

4th Fritz Anrold

5th Nevin Fuller (Rossland)

6th Swift Arnold

7th Sam Howard

Girls 12-15

1st Sally Steeves (Red Freeski academy)

2nd Karly Samson

3rd Hannah Sterpin (Rossland)

4th Robyn Samson

5th Jesse Fuller (Rossland)

6th Sarah LaPointe (Red Freeriders)

Boys 12-15

1st Garret Cappel

2nd Trace Cooke

3rd Keegan Cappel

4th Patrick Huges

5th Aaron Mackay

6th Jordy Kidner

7th Casey Rose

8th Riley Rose

9th Nash Grimm

10th Shep Howitt

Girls 16-18

1st Zoya Lynch

2nd Heidi Schaffer

3rd Klara Wohlers

4th Kailyn Nelson

5th Meagan Brown-Dahl

6th Annie Danko

Boys 16-18

1st Micheal Brush

2nd Brodie Evans (Rossland)

3rd Caleb Brown

4th Noah Maisonet

5th Tyler Maloney (Rossland)

6th Nathan Wood

7th Lane Clark

8th Jacob Boyd

9th Cody Erwin

10th Zach Halverson

  This years comp saw some great conditions, good weather and awesome skiing.  Lots of news faces, a few old ones and more smiles than you could count.  Comp organizer Nicole Briggs did a great job putting together the comp, dinner and awards with great prizes and lots of stoked skiers.  A big thanks to head judge Jeff Holden for putting together another fine event for young rippers to show their stuff.  Thanks to all the skiers for coming out and giving all they got!  Look for the Red Freeski Academy and Red Freeriders tearing it up at Kimberly, Fernie and Crystal Mountain!