All photos courtesy of Red Bull. Credit: Felix Rioux

JF on top of the massive wallride on his was to the win

Friday night saw one of the craziest new contests go off in the heart of downtown Quebec. The streets were overflowing with spectators, eager to watch elite caliber freeski athletes and the course was insane.

The event was of course Red Bull ReDirect, an unconventional street ski competition deemed to be the largest in Quebec City’s downtown core. Dismissing traditional scaffolding elements, Red Bull ReDirect sought to make use of the city's existing urban terrain and adding features to make a tight, challenging but flowy course for the crew of international slayers in attendance.. The course consisted of 5 key, sections including 2 massive wall rides and the comp went down in a high energy jam format which left JF Houle in first, Magnus Graner a close second and Emile Bergeron leaving with a third place title and “Best ReDirect” trick of the day title. We'll have a full writeup and videos when the hangovers in Quebec clear.

Magnus, JF and B-mile, not your everyday podium lineup.

Invited athlete Magnus Graner travelled from his hometown in Sweden for the event.

“It couldn’t have gone better!” he beamed, “I am so happy with my run, what a great energy and support from the other athletes. We need more events like this in the industry.”

Dom Laporte and the view from the drop in. How much fun does that look!?

Will Berman getting steezy

The unmistakable Axe Kill was slaying