-- 12 University teams compete in province-wide rail jam contest --

Returning for its second year in a row, Red Bull Jib Cup is set to unite Snowboarders and Skiers from across Ontario to decide who has the most talent on snow! On February 28th, 12 teams will gather and compete on campus at Wilfred Laurier University. Teams of 6 from Universities and Colleges across Ontario will drop into a custom designed slopestyle course featuring rails, bonks and jumps and battle head to head to see who will be crowned the 2014 Red Bull Jib Cup Champion!

Universities from around the province have taken matters into their own hands to put together teams of who they feel should represent their best snowboard and ski riders. This year will feature a new and improved full feature park to challenge every rider and put their rail jam skills to the test. The setup will include a 10-foot scaffolding drop built in for riders to get their speed and choose between 3 features - 2 rails and 1 wall ride.

The contest will also welcome pro backcountry freestyle skier Sean Pettit as the announcer and head ski judge at this year’s event. With countless wins in freestyle ski competitions such as Red Bull Line Catcher and Red Bull Cold Rush, Sean has proven at a young age his experience and ground breaking performances make him fit for the job as head judge.

WHAT: Red Bull Jib Cup

WHEN: Friday February 28th from 1:30pm-5:30pm EST

WHERE: Wilfred Laurier University (75 University Ave W, Waterloo, ON N2L 3C5)

How it works

Schools must put together 1 team of 6 riders (from same school) to compete who must be attending school at the time of the event. These teams must consist of 2 male snowboarders, 2 male skiers and 2 females (either skier or snowboarder). How schools decide on their team is entirely up to them! Run a qualifier, take a class vote… your call!

Event Format

Qualification: Up to 12 schools can appoint their best 2 male and 1 female skier and snowboarders to represent their university. Judged on best trick, riders will be ranked from 1-10 and receive points from 0-14 (1st place receiving 14 points last place receiving 0 points.)Finals: Judged on overall riding, finalists in each category (Snowboarding & Skiing) will compete on one designated rail from the course. Riders will be awarded points on where they place; 1st place will receive 14 points while last place receive 4 points. The school earning the most points overall will win the Red Bull Jib Cup.


Registration is now open to schools across Ontario by clicking here. Registration conditions include:

· Schools must be located in Ontario

· Schools must put together teams of 6 riders to officially compete

· All riders must be attending school at time of event

· Teams must consist of 2 male snowboarders, 2 male skiers, 2 females (ski or snowboard)

· 1 team per school

Social Guide

Join the conversation by following along at:

Facebook: Red Bull Jib Cup

Twitter: @RedBullON #JibCup

Instagram: RedBullCanada