Photos: Mark Warner/Low Pressure Podcast

Day 1 of Red Bull Cold Rush at Revelstoke Mountain resort is in the books, unfortunately without much skiing to show for it. As is sometimes frustratingly the case, the weather did not cooperate for the big mountain portion of the contest. From the folks at Red Bull themselves:

“For an event like Red Bull Cold Rush that truly depends on natural mountain conditions, Mother Nature always has the final say. With athletes and crew assembled at the base of Greely Bowl at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, the decision was made to postpone the Big Mountain portion of the event until February 3rd at 10am. With safety the main priority, poor visibility from the mountain peak in the out of bounds area forced the call.”

But, all was not entirely lost. Amid the milling around and craned necks gazing up at Spilt Milk, where the clouds stubbornly refused to break, there was still a good time to be had. There were cans of Red Bull on hand and friends to catch up with. The boys from Columbia Gardens came by and dug a bench in the snow, hung out and hoped to catch some world class skiing. And a few hundred metres back from the staging area, some of the competitors stamped out a boot pack and sessioned a natural hip transfer.

Wiley Miller

Sammy Carlson

Sammy Carlson grabbed tail on a big 180, Wiley Miller tossed a flatspin 360 (there were a lot of flat 3’s and 5’s, the feature was basically built for it). Local skier Vinzenz Keller took a rodeo to very flat but managed to stomp it out because the dude has the reflexes of a damn cat. Jarred Martin, not competing, but in town to film with Inflik Media, hiked up for a second hit and threw a huge underflip 540 straight to the Gucci plateau where he went face to knee and came up with a mouthful of blood. He found his tooth in the snow and caught a ride out on a patrol sled, but the scene was pretty gory. A little action in an otherwise slow day.


Jarv is still cheesin'

We’ll be back in Greely bowl tomorrow. Shouts out to Mother Nature for playing it cool when we get there. Please.