The clouds that shrouded the peaks in and out of bounds at Revelstoke Mountain Resort remained well into the afternoon on the second official day of Red Bull Cold Rush 2016. It felt like skiing through pea soup, at the top. As a result, the scheduled slopestyle competition was pushed to Friday, and the competitors took to the air for the cliff portion of this contest. Newschoolers wasn't offered a seat in the chopper, but Red Bull came though with a stellar event recap of their own. From them:

"If nineteen of your closest friends jumped off a cliff, would you? If you were competing in day two of Red Bull Cold Rush, the biggest backcountry freeski contest of it’s kind, then you probably would. Although Slopestyle was originally on the menu for the day, poor light in the contest area influenced a decision to move to the Cliffs zone. Add to that a healthy 20cm of fresh snow overnight, and big drops and pillow lines become hard to resist. The second day of action at the three-day-long freeski event had athletes taking on some of the toughest terrain they will likely face all week deep in the backcountry behind Revelstoke Mountain Resort on a near vertical mountain face.

Only accessible by helicopter, athletes touched down to face cliff drops of up to 80ft and had a chance on arrival to survey the face to scope their lines. There was little room for error on the near-vertical face as competitors were given only one officially recorded attempt that are evaluated on line selection (the bigger, the better), technicality and tricks.

Dave Treadway

Kye Petersen came out strong early on as the second athlete to drop in, launching a massive 360 from one of the larger cliff faces. Disappearing in a cloud of snow on his landing, he emerged on one leg after sticking the landing and sparking cheers from fellow athletes.

Kye Peterson

Lexi Dupont

In one of the more tense moments of the week, Leah Evans took a hair-raising tumble on her initial run that left onlookers at the base in disbelief. After collecting herself on the slope, she made her way to the bottom on her own in true warrior fashion to be greeted by hugs and support from fellow athletes and friends. Despite being a bit shaken up, Leah came through largely unscathed.

As a peer judged competition, final results of Red Bull Cold Rush will be announced in their entirety on the evening of February 6th."