Myself and Saga Athlete Collin Collins have been having a real good time here at the Cold Rush, theres some shots in these videos from Slopestyle and big Mountain.  Collin had this to say on his facebook about the event:

“Last minute invite to Red Bull Cold Rush!?!?!? stoked beyond belief, mobbin’ to Silverton in the morning!”

“didn’t think things could get any better after yesterday’s slopestyle, but the final day of Cold Rush was the most insane display of skiing I have ever seen! Everyone went balls out on the cliffs, standouts Sean Pettit, Dane Tudor, and Dave Treadway did some of the biggest tricks off the biggest drops. Stoked I stomped a complete run with 2 tricks in it!!”

“Red Bull Cold Rush “slopestyle” was insane! heli lapped perfect booters and watched everyone KILL IT!!!!! one of the best days of my life!”