Recycled Features Project Continues for the Heavenly Terrain Parks

Hey there Heavenly skiers and riders,

Mike Thomas here, manager of the Heavenly Terrain Parks. It may seem a little early to start thinking about winter… but it’s right around the corner! We want to give you guys a little update on things to come for this season. The Refurbishing Rail Crew is starting up and we’re getting rolling on fixing up the old stuff as well as making some new unique features too. I don’t want to spoil the surprises for you guys…but if you thought last year’s parks were the best around, wait until this winter!

Lots of new improvements and innovative designs are on deck for this year & in the future of the Heavenly terrain parks. Our dedication to the continuation of the Earth friendly ”Green” recycled line we launched three years ago continues. We won an award for this project in 2008 from SAM magazine for being a forward-thinking terrain park project. Well this project is still going strong moving into the third year. The recycled features will have be custom painted in green, so they’ll be easy to spot. We have also done some summer improvements to almost all the parks and have BIG plans for this season.

I’m glad to hear last season everyone was really happy with all the new changes we made. We plan on continuing that direction this season and raising the level of our parks and the progression sport. We are the “High Rollers of Freestyle Terrain” here at Heavenly & Heavenly TPC.

Here’s a taste of things to come… (New Recycled (85%) bank wall with 12” pipe stall- A.K.A “The Money Bank”)

See ya at the parks,

Mike Thomas