Recon Instruments Announces New Partners for Next Generation Technology

Recon Instruments adds Uvex, Alpina and Briko to alpine partnerships

Recon Instruments, innovators in direct-to-eye communications, will partner with leading goggles brands Uvex, Alpina and Briko for their next generation technology.

The new platform will fit into the partners’ Recon-Ready goggles’ frames and include even more game-changers than before. This comes on the heels of this season’s immensely successful release of Transcend, the world’s first alpine goggles with GPS data viewable through a head mounted display.

Transcend gives real-time feedback to the user via a micro LCD display including speed, latitude/longitude, altitude, vertical distance travelled, total distance travelled, chrono/stopwatch mode, a run-counter, temperature and time. It is also the only pair of goggles that boast GPS capabilities, USB charging and data transfer to the post-processing software, Recon HQ. Transcend was launched in October 2010 in collaboration with high-end optics partner Zeal Optics, and can currently be seen at resorts and in the backcountry around the world.

Recon Instruments’ next generation of technology will boast a number of additional groundbreaking features. Recon Instruments’ award-winning technology will be available separately from the goggles and ‘snap fit’ into partner Recon-Ready brands including Uvex, Alpina and Briko.

Users will be able to navigate through the state-of-the-art interactive widescreen LCD in real-time with the use of a wireless remote which can be strapped, clipped, or fastened to the body in any number of secured and convenient positions.

Next generation Recon technology utilizes the Android operating system which will allow Recon Instruments, or other application developers, to create a suite of downloadable apps to personalize their goggles and entire alpine experience. An open API will be offered and Recon will host apps for free or at a low cost at Recon HQ Online later in 2011 (

Integrated Maps and Buddy Tracking

Recon Instruments will offer the first pair of goggles with a real-time navigational system. The user will be able to locate friends and family on the hill and also navigate their way through unfamiliar resorts across the globe with easy to use, direct-to-eye trail maps with the help of the world’s largest backcountry and resort map bank from partners such as Mountain Dynamics.

Bluetooth Smartphone and Video Integration

The next generation technology will also incorporate Bluetooth capabilities allowing the goggles to connect to the user’s smartphone, the first of its kind. Music playlists, caller ID and text messages will be viewable hands-free, direct-to-eye on the hill. The Bluetooth feature will also connect with wireless video cameras so the user can utilize the micro LCD display within the goggles as a viewfinder for the camera, another first.

Recon HQ, the user’s base of all activity, will play host to software upgrades and application downloads and will continue to be the ultimate hub of all activity throughout the season.

Dan Eisenhardt, CEO of Recon Instruments said, “It is fantastic to add Uvex, Alpina and Briko to our family of world-class partners. Zeal Optics has been the perfect partner for Transcend and we are looking forward to continuing that relationship. And with three more brands set to incorporate Recon Instruments’ technology, direct-to-eye communications will be accessible to more people, in different styles and price points.

“Skiers and riders are crying out for navigational maps, buddy-tracking, smartphone capabilities, and wireless video camera capacity for hands-free, safe, and fun use in alpine environments. Our answer is to revolutionize the way we use goggles and head-mounted displays, and we are delighted to bring all these features, and more, to the hill.”

Markus Winning, Director BU Wintersports at Uvex Sports stated, “Uvex has always been an innovative brand in goggle and lens design, and is proud to provide brand new Recon-Ready goggles. The groundbreaking features of Recon Instruments direct-to-eye communication and Uvex superior lens technology is a perfect match, that we want to make available for our customers.”

Werner Grau, President International at Alpina added, "Alpina is one of the leading manufacturers of ski helmets and goggles, holding the market leadership position in the German market. Based on its identical core competences – innovation and technology, Alpina proudly announces the symbiotic partnership with Recon Instruments, innovators in direct-to-eye communications providing easy and safe access to navigation, communication and performance based information in fast-paced environments.”

Carlo Boroli, Chairman of Briko said, “It is exciting to be entering into this partnership with Recon Instruments and combine their groundbreaking technology with our stylish frames. Real-time feedback gives athletes an edge over their competitors and maximizes enjoyment for all, both of which are driving forces behind Briko’s philosophy.”