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For the last week, the boys from Real Skifi have been hitting spots all over the UK, stacking shots for an upcoming webisode. Everyone on newschoolers, love them or hate them, pays attention to what these guys do and their webisodes are among the most viewed in skiing. I’ve met some of them before but it’s been a privilege to see in real time the creative process that goes into shooting one of the episodes.

A typical Stoke picnic...

In my mind at least, they don’t see the snow (or even lack of it) as a canvas, like so many of our favourite skiers do, but more like a mad professor’s drawing board and his laboratory all rolled into one. But there is a process. For every hundred insane, improbable ideas that pop in to their heads, 95 get tried out and quickly discarded, as unworkable, unsuitable for what’s immediately in front of them or just plain impossible (though I’m rapidly coming to believe that maybe there really is no such thing). But they find five or so of those lunatic visions and make them a reality. And that’s when things get really interesting.

At Halifax, they skied dryslope for the first time, with “awesome excitement”.

First ever dryslope session...

At Ski Stoke they moved piles of dendex around to ski the slope as it has never been skied before, including an (sub)urban frontflip that has to be seen to be believed. No snow, no problem.

UK Backcountry...

At Tamworth they ejected bindings, slid boxes on their boots, landed in more skis and then dropped straight into tech tricks The thing you forget so easily with these guys is how crazily good at ‘normal’ park skiing they are. Take them to a rail jam and they’re a match for anyone in the world.

And at MK last night they ventured in to the world of ski ballet slalom, and the robot leg was born. And they aren’t done yet. We’re at Milton Keynes again right now, and Friday night, the boys will be at Hemel Snow Centre for the Ski The Kingdom sessions, where they’re sure to blow minds all over again. If you have a chance, make sure you get down there. Sadly, tonight is my last stop of the tour as I’m off back to Switzerland to link up with Sami Ortlieb, Will Wesson and Rob Heule to talk Glacier days.

Can you guess what it is yet?

Every time these guys ski, something that has never been done on skis happens. That in itself is something to be treasured and their down to earth attitude and infectious stoke for the new and undiscovered makes them perfect ambassadors for skiing to the viral world we live in.

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