The mad professors of skiing are back! Real Skifi Episode 13 is here in all its weird, wacky but incredibly technical glory. I spoke to Juho Kilkki, to find out a little more about the making of the episode.

So first up, when and where was the episode filmed?

This one was filmed 100% in Jyvaskyla, our hometown. Almost like every other one of our episodes. We filmed it during the winter 2015. Some stuff were filmed rather late in the spring.

Is it hard to stay motivated and come up with new stuff to do when mostly filming all in one (small) town?

I don't think filming in the same town is really a problem. I mean there are moments and times and things that make you question your motivation but Jyvaskyla haven't done it for me. There's still plenty of stuff to do here. But also we have and will film more stuff elsewhere too. I guess if we were to ski spots more traditionally we would've got bored with Jyvaskyla long time ago. But limitations make you think outside the box.

Hippy jump!

There were a shitload of crashes at the beginning, any major injuries?

Yeah crash parts are always fun! Definitely got some minor injuries but luckily not major ones. I wrecked my shoulder for a few weeks in that last fall and somewhere there Ilkka got some of the worst bruises I've seen. But most falls in the beginning were pretty easy actually. It's not the heaviest crash part ever for sure.

What would you say was the hardest trick to get?

Haha definitely the ones we didn't get and you don't see in the video! It's hard to speak for all of us. But personally the trampoline tricks were a fight for me. That's because on one of my first tries I hurt my bad knee and I almost quit. However I kept going and after all I got what I wanted. In the evening even walking was difficult with the knee. Verneri's ender was also a big project and it took quite a few tries. It felt good when he got it!

Crew dem

What can we expect from you guys this coming winter?

We have the next one filmed already. We filmed it in the UK. Other than that it's pretty hard to say. We'll definitely film as much as we can but studying in different cities now and questionable snow conditions make it impossible to say for sure. We'll just have to see!

Any shoutouts?

I guess it's rude to leave anyone without a shoutout so I wanna say hi to everybody!