Real Canadian Heros

Today, we salute you Monsieur Jean-Francis. A real Canadian hero indeed. JF is class act, great friend, and loyal supporter of all things freeski and snowboarding. Recently he left Bula to pursue new business ventures which include but are certainly not limited to growing the International Freeskiing Film Festival to sizes the general pubic can not even begin to imagine. Yes, that's right. IF3 next year will be bigger and better than ever. That, my friends, is the act of a Real Canadian Hero. So crack open an ice cold Boreal, Monsieur. You deserve it.
JF (left) and Felix Rioux - the men behind IF3
Rahzel and JF at Sunday River
A Real Canadian Hero and a Real American Hero.Join me in wishing our good friend JF DuRocher the best of luck in his new ventures! We all may be getting tanked at one of his ballin' events this winter.-Rogge*Side note*