Me and Eirik Børresen went to Lillehammer railpark after a failure in the Hafjell-park. 20 minutes with a park that was not even groomed. The railsession was worth every minute!

We brought the HD camera, and shot every try we had. THAT was quite a few actually. 3 hours with intense skiing is pretty hardcore, compared to regular park-skiing. We mostly hit on the rail in bewteen, the 10 meter downrail. So thin and challanging, but superfun when you make it! Many people think this rail is easy when you see it on edits and stuff, but it’s not. If I do 270 – pretzel 270 on downrails in skiresorts it’s not exactly a reason to celebrate. On this one, you could easily throw a party for each shot you get with a cool trick!

Eirik Børresen having a break, it was really warm!

I was so tired after the session, but I had a few things I was pretty stoked on! So good feeling!

Hike number 1252….. or something, haha.  If you wanna shape up, just hike rails, you will be ready for marathon after a week!

Want to see something from the session in moving pictures?  Well, then I would have to leave to edit the material.. See you!