Rails 2 Riches in Killington, one of the highlights of the winter calendar just finished up for another year. R2R doesn't always luck out on the conditions but this year the snow, the weather and the setup were all perfect. Unsurprisingly, the riders threw the fuck down accordingly. There were so many highlights there was no way I could remember, let alone list them all, so keep your eyes peeled for the edits as they drop.

Jacob Belanger threw a crazy backslide backswap on the the DFDF, a feature that will never recover from the treatment it received tonight, including all manner of disaster four on combos and a beauty of a 3 swap pretz 2 from Christian Franchino. The gap/drop to down tube feature also saw some insanity, with Thorn Merrill lacing a crazy 3swap 2 out, Zach Masi stomping a 5swap and PanPan busting the misty out over the entire down section for ultimate crowd response. Alex Hackel came up with some bonkers creative lines and Sandy Boville, well he just laced trick after trick after trick. I'm glad I wasn't judging this one in real time! Massive shoutout to Josh McIntire for feeding me info from onsite so we could get this article to you ASAP. Here are your winners:

Men's Top 3

1 Sandy Boville

2 Zach Masi

3 Bobby Sullivan

Women's Top 3

1 Taylor Lundquist

2 Caroline Claire

3 Anouk Purnelle

Men's Best Trick

Emile Bergeron Nollie Lip 450 down flat gap tube

Women's Best Trick

Marilou Bouthiette - Gap to DFD