I realized recently that I have not slid an urban rail in over a year.  In tribute to this historic event, I decided to post a bunch of old pictures of me hittin rails. The next time I need rails will be when I am a senior citizen, and this is a reflection on my youthful debauchery throughout the cities of the west coast (I never made a midwest or east coast rail mission).

Enjoying Summer without thinking about sliding rails and hurting my nuts next winter
This is my first urban disaster, you can see tommy in the bush holding down trees so i can hit it
This was my first six kink, this thing slid real fast, if you look close you can see that I am airborne and not even touching the rail, so this shot could classify as a jump shot
We got kicked out of here real fast, and Seo was bummed because the flash went off right behing my head
This rail was fun, the most simple of all urban rails, the down rail, easy and fun, I would hit one of these again
This one is in Alaska, we are just messing around, the drop makes it look INTENSE
This shot is super dark, this rail was stressful, I puked my brains out at a shitty diner at 3 am, yea good times
This C-rail was so fun. My friend Collin made it the farthest, it was so hard
Unnatural slide, this rail I hit with Dylan, this one is a University of Utah Classic
This is Austin Durtschi and Sharkins, Riding powder, this is right after my Rail sliding career ceased, Ahhhhh It is so much more relaxing sliding fresh powder than hitting cold rails, you can see how happy we are by our hand raising and fist pumping, you don’t see me doing that in the rail shots do you?