Holy crap. The band Offspring once had an album called “The Kids aren´t allright”. I think that title suits this day pretty good.

Sick skiing from everyone at the railjam, so high level som skiing. Lip-450´s, Lip 270-swup-one foot etc. I made it to the finals, which I am pretty saticfied with, and leaving skiers like Thomas Dølplads, Chris Frankum and Anders Backe behind me. I am not sure how that happend, but it did. Stoked, but even more stoked to see the rail-slayers in the finals. I am so impressed. International standard by many of the skiers!


Downrail Action. I am too slow to do quick tricks on short rails. Still fun!


Double-kinked rail. fun setup, and a long session through-out the day.


the-what-now? All photos are taken by @hakaphoto / http://www.hakonjorgensen.com


As I said, long day. I need to work on my chillout skills for tonight I think. My body is beat!