Friday night it was snowing so hard, it was about 5 cm. That came on a short time. When I woke up Saturday it was white outside. I was planning to put up my own rail. But it was to wet, and I wouldn't get enough speed, so instead I went to my buddy Sondre(Twintippen) and we built a "jib", a small jump and rail. We collected about all the snow in his garden and put up a rail-jump. After a little bit it was ready, and we started skiing the rail and the "jib". We was skiing for many hours. After a while we found out that we should film, and we ran in and get the cam. We had a great time skiing the "first" snow!


When I woke up today I was very sad actually. There was no snow left in my or Sondres backyard, NO SKIING(!?) When the snow was gone, we started editing the film we filmed yesterday. We used Sony vegas 7.0, it is the first time we are using this, so be kind ! :) The result of the filming and editing is here:

Backyard edit from Sondre Arnesen on Vimeo.