We’re baaaackkkkk...

Rail Wars II is coming, and it’s blowing

up harder than a Death Star. We’ve made some changes, added some extra

giveaways, and moved the event, because avoiding the dreaded sequel

curse takes some effort, and besides, we couldn’t have Pete Hunter

randomly show up and just destroy the contest like he did last year. 

So how’s it all going down? Easy: You

show up at Mt. Seymour on March 10th and slide some rails.

Expect some creative, fun,  and “different” jibs to hit, depending

on what’s around. We’ll have a little meeting before the contest

to let everyone know what’s up and make sure everyone who hasn’t

pre-registered at either SnowCovers Vancouver or SnowCovers Whistler

gets a chance to fill in their waiver and pay that cheap cheap $10 entry

fee. From there, we move to Young Guns, rails get slayed, a few people

win ridiculous prizes, including gear from Orage, Head, and more! Everyone

else has more fun than you thought was possible, so really, everyone


“But what’s it gonna take to win

this thing?” you ask? It’s pretty simple: slide the rails, look

good doing it, and stick your landings. Our qualified lineup of judges,

whom you’ll meet at the rider’s meeting, takes care of the rest,

and at the end, we all go to the Rock Chu, errrr I mean “Elevations”,

and we have a fun time giving stuff away to both winners and randoms.

And no, we won’t take your old jacket and give it to a homeless person.

Instead, we’ll let you keep it! 



Rail Wars II: Return of the Jibber

March 10th, Mt. Seymour, North

Van, BC

$10 entry fee, pre-registration at SnowCovers

in both Vancouver and Whistler, or on-site if you forgot. Waivers for

all, mom or dad have to sign it if you’re under 18. 

Sick Prizes! Fun times! 

Bring a helmet, you’ll need one. No

helmet? No contest. 

Pop and Chips after party/winners prizes

in the Rock…damn I mean at Elevations, after the contest. 

Will it rain like it did last year? Come

to Seymour and find out!