Listen up, party people....It's that time of year again, where you have the opportunity to work with Rage Films and license a film.  After extensive research, we've found the most insightful reasons to host your own premiere were provided by Ian "Chug" Cosco and Mark Dvorak.  Devo says, "it makes you cool and helps you raise money."  How could you not be the coolest kid in school if you were to throw the biggest party on campus? Right??  Cosco, in between hitting on underage girls and updating his blog, replied, "beer money."  So, if that's not reason enough, then you should do it because it's fun (see pics below.)

When you host your own premiere, Rage will hook you up w/ all the tools you need to premiere "Pretty Good."   We encourage you to charge at the door so you can make the big bucks, since that money is yours to keep.  Hey, maybe you're actually trying to raise money for a good cause?  This is the way to do it!

Email or for more info.  Also, visit our newly updated website at

The Rage tour will be hitting the road in Sept with stops in Bend, Montreal, Salt Lake, Tahoe, and then in October to the NW where we will kickoff at Evo Gear on Oct 9, up to Bellingham, and Whistler.  Stay tuned for more info :-)