RAGE Films was at it again last weekend for the Bend Oregon Winterfest Carnival. The RAGE crew decided to mix it up this year and build a wall ride rather than the customary rail jam.Construction began on Tuesday in the middle of downtown Bend's Drake. By nightfall a 25 ft. tall 45 degree drop in ramp had been completed. Wednesday was the beginning of the true test: building a 20 ft. tall 32 ft. wide wall. A couple thousand dollars of wood was hauled in and the drills began to work their magic. After completing the main frame, angled at 78 degrees, the top had to be added. We agreed to have the top set at 25 degrees and 4 ft. wide, with a 32 ft. piece of coping for super duper grinding. Once we had the frame set, the masonight (smooth hardwood used for skateboard ramps) was applied; 18 pieces in total.After a long Wednesday night and an early Thursday morning, the wall was complete; it looked as though good times were just around the corner. Next up, 10 dump trucks full of snow were hauled in from Mt. Bachelor. With careful precision the Bobcat (a small tractor) moved snow into the appropriate places, smoothed the rough spots, and let the shovel assisted human hand fine tune the walls tranny.Applying snow to the drop in ramp proved to be more tedious than expected; the sonofabitch was tall and steep. The answer to this problem was a snow-blower mounted on a piece of scaffolding while a lucky individual had to manually feed snow into the teeth of the machine. By Thursday night %80 of the set up was complete.Friday morning and the athletes began showing up, displaying signs of excitement and sketptism; there aren't too many wall rides to practice on outside of Mammoth. As the athletes looked on four light towers were put in place, fencing was built, the dj set up, fire dancers stretched, and banners were hung.Night swept over the scenic park as twenty snowboarders and twenty skiers prepared to battle for cash and free heli trips to Northern Cascades Heli. Four heats were set up and each 45 minute jam session would yield 2 snowboarders and 2 skiers to go into the finals.As the massive crowd roared the athletes were throwing down. Skiers were throwing backflips, 360 on to switch-up to 360 out, and your occasional 540 out. Snowboarders were equally impressive throwing McTwist to switch, backflips, alley-oops to 270 out, hand plants, air to switch with grabs, and other tech tricks to original to name.When all was said and done skier Kyler Cooley won with a 180 on to switch up to 180 out and snowboarder Rob Hammer grabbed 1st with an alley-oop 450 to 270 out. Both walked away with a free heli trip.Thanks to all who made the RAGE Films Winterfest Wall Ride a success.Photography courtesy of Brian Becker.