It feels like i’ve been away from my computer for an eternity as this summers path dragged me into a number of unprepared and unplanned directions. For the last two years i’ve made it down to the southern hemisphere at this time of year but due to costs involved, this year my feet have stayed on the ground in Europe. Its not to say it hasn’t been eventful…..

I’m just starting to sit down and get my head around a bike ride i’ve just been on. It started way down in Bilbao in Northern Spain and finished at my house in Chester, 1500 kms later. It was a great period of time away from everyday stresses with the sole intention being to get on my bike and ride it. Day after day after day after day we cycled watching as a whole country came and went beneath us.

I’m not going to humour you with shots of men in lycra, there’s plenty of them here. Instead here’s a couple of shots that for one reason or another i like from the trip.

A final point; i have been raising money for a charity that i feel very close to which supports children in Guatemala. Although my trip is now complete you still have the chance to donate and know that anything you give will go towards feeding, housing and educating children a lot worse off than us.

Back to the grindstone, so they say….

The joy of watching the world unfold under our wheels. Mont Saint-Michel looms in the background