It was Easter Sunday and we were all feeling pretty motivated to get

some good sledding and skiing in. And what not a better place than

Rabbit Ears Pass on Easter?

With a few feet of fresh, B Devine, Matt Koskinen, Everly Gohman,

"rasta" Jake Iverson, and myself (David Lesh) loaded the sleds up and

headed towards Steamboat.

Having been there a few times, so we made our way to the real fun zone. Koskinen decided to grab my Double Helix's and bop some quick 180's off a cliff.

I was pretty excited to ski

this line right off the bat.

B finds his way down another section.

Everly bopped off this guy at full speed, and stomped of course.

And found a rock to pop a 180 off of.

Scooting over on the ridge, I found plenty more deep snow and steep

lines to ski.

Everly drops into another fun one.

His line got interested when he got bounced against a big rock and

tumbled to another pillow below where he ended up straddling it.

B takes a beer break on his new dragon while Koskinen operates the HD.

This rock was fun, as you can plainly see.

As it began to get dark, we headed back to the trucks, but not before

some epic sledding. Go-Pro sled edit dropping soon....

With all persons and sleds intact, we called it a successful day. Don't

worry, with no shortage of shitty weather in Breck, there will be plenty

more BC days to be had this season elsewhere...