The Freeski-Crew trip to Russia was filled with ups and downs, but we managed to shoot a full webisode nonetheless.

What made us go to Russia a week before christmas?... well there were a few reasons...

1. No snow in the alps

2. Stacking shots before new years

3. Drinking good (and cheap) vodka

Russian environment

The trip started the only way it can when you travel to Russia. The plane arrived in Munich with a broken plane tire.

A couple hours delay was enough to persuade us to get a bottle of vodka and get ready for the next week. In the end we were stuck there for around 17 hours before we boarded our first plane. After which the crew of 7 skiers along with a planeload of drunken Russians were on their way to the country of vodka, caviar and rails.

17 Hours delay = Pre Vodka

After spending a day scouting, finding a rental car and our apartment, we were finally able to kick off the skiing part of the trip. We were fascinated by all the spots we found located in the center of the city and stoked for the 7 days of shooting ahead of us.

Sebi on the first spot of the trip

The city of Perm is located 2 flight hours east of Moscow. Not many tourists or foreign people in general make it to this city. Everyone we met was pretty interested about what we are doing in their country. Usually we ended up with them in a restaurant at night and drinking a couple of bottles of Vodka... of course.

Torge on a heavy multi kinked close out ledge

Day by day we figured out how to handle the Russians and their language, because none of us was able to speak a single word.

We also learned that planning means nothing in Russia, so everything happened from day to day.

Vodka everywhere.

Day by day we lost some of the 5 riders due to injury. At the last day of the trip it was only Torge who was still able to ski. Nonetheless, it was a banger trip, we met some awesome people. Check back up top for the edit if you didn't watch already and enjoy!



Skiing by: Torge Nagel, Severin Guggemoos, Florian Geyer, Sebastian Müller, Jürgen Nigg

Filmed by: Bene Höflinger, Dominik Hartmann

Cut: Marinus Höflinger