What do Factory Rollers, Buffalos, and Countys invlving summits have to do with each other, well it sums up the Colorado trip i embark on after a few WII sesh's here in the 414, Also Colorado is my final Film trip / and excuse to visit family / also an excuse to fill some sales orders for a certain hat company from the east coast / a dope oppurtuinty to see people ski on factory rollers

Soooo... If y'all gonne be at the Denver Christy DNA Rail Jam (Englewood, Co Location), give me a shout out, I'll be there Taking/Video pictures, probably with some sort of Nikes on my feet and a Nikon in my hand, and maybe an NS bandana depending on my THUG-O-Meter for the day.

then i might head to the Springs Jam, im supposed to be in CSprings that day, just not during the day, so ill probably be hitting up the pre session and probably skiing it.

Soo stoked to get out of Wisconsin, and see what Colorado looks like in the Summer, the latest i've been there has been april, and as sick as it is in april with the skiing and all, im sure its still ILL summer

Check back here For pics/videos/stories/drunken rants/

with love,