On the wee hours of the morning on this past sunday the 27th, i had the pleaer of hitting an urban rail in Nelson BC with one of my good friends Will Schooler, around 1;30 in the morning will fell off the rail in a pretty "harmless" way we would both later describe it as......... unfortunately due to the unknown at the time, head impact will passed away latter the following day in Kelowna BC. After the anger and the sadness had dissipated, i knew that willis would nnot be happy if we were moping around because of him, this year the SROAM program from SELKIRK COLLEGE would like to promote a helmet filled season, It nly takes one mishap to loose everything that truely matters, please kids wear your helmets, its simple it takes 30 seconds to put on....... and would have kept my friend here.

Please keep the spirit of WIll alive in your skiing this year, having fun looking good, being safe

Love you buddy, were all missing you more then ever.

love always, Andrew Heltron