Welcome to the new X-Games Slopestyle and Big Air graphics, with realtime speed, spin, flip and amplitude counts. I know that I'm quick to hate on competitions and sure, I can see why this helps someone with no clue watch the competitions and quantify 'good'... but seriously?

Having spin count essentially codifies the idea that spinning and flipping more is by definition better. It certainly gives the message to the average, clueless viewer that numbers are the only thing that matter. So what happens to said viewer on the off chance that judges do reward creativity and line choice, for examplem over the digits. How, given that you've given such prominence to the figures, do you explain that to Johnny Texan? This essentially seems to sign a death warrant for anything other than spin to win.

And the sad thing is that for all its flaws, X-Games has some pretty awesome moments. But this is borderline FIS World Championships song level depressing. Sure they will probably build the biggest slopestyle of the year and sure, X will still be the biggest deal for the athletes, but is this the beginning of the end for their remaining credibility?