· SAAS-FEE RIDE 08 - BigTurnout for Europe’s only Summer Freestyle Comp

· RESULTS SUMMARY - Images, Video + Full Results

· RIGHTS FREE CONTENT - For Print and Web on http://www.saasfeeride.com

· 24 MINUTE TV PROGRAMME - Due For Release in August

SAAS-FEE RIDE 08 - Big Turnout for Europe’s only Summer Freestyle Comp

The 2nd event in the 2008 Ride Freesport event series took place on Saturday 19th July in the glacial resort of Saas-Fee, Switzerland. The European Summer Freeskiing championships, the Saas-Fee Ride 08 (http://www.saasfeeride.com), was presented by Dainese and offered spectators the chance to see some of Europe's finest Big Air action on the Allalin glacier at the top of Saas-Fee. With 57 riders turning up to Europe’s only summer freestyle competition, the atmosphere was buzzing. With high winds and a whippy kicker, the competition was going to be hard for the athletes. The tricks being pulled off and the technical level were awe inspiring. To add to it, deep blue sky, stunning scenery and Europe’s best summer skiing glacier.

EVENT SUMMARY - Images, Video + Full Results

By clicking here you will be able to view the full results from Saturday's event with a summary, images and the 3 minute TV news highlights clip showing the athletes in action. You can also download from this page video compressions of the 3 minute TV news highlights to play on your Mobile Phones, IPOD and Home Cinema set up. Whichever way you want to watch it, a video clip will be there to suit you.

Results from the day gave a third consecutive win for Henrik Harlaut (SWE) who took 1st place in the Big Air with a massive Switch Mute 1260, clearly holding the grab for over 3 full rotations and stomping half way down the landing. In the women's event Katrien Aerts (BEL) took 1st place with a styled 360 Double Japan. For the full results listing please click here.

RIGHTS FREE CONTENT - For Print and Web on http://www.saasfeeride.com

The Saas-Fee Ride website is now updated with all the action from the 2008 competition; all site content can be copied or downloaded. To copy text from the site, highlight the required text, copy and paste it. To copy still images go to the 'Action' page and choose Gallery. Click the image to enlarge it, then right click on the image and save to your computer. You can also copy the video clips by downloading the ZIP file on the 'Action' page of the website. If you require High Res images for print articles on the event please email Melody Sky with your publication information. You will be emailed back a private link to a page on the site holding the High Res print size images.

24 MINUTE TV PROGRAMME - Due For Release in August

One of the main focuses of the Ride Freesport events is to give the Athletes the media coverage they deserve and aid in the development of the sport of Freeskiing. Over the years, Verbier Ride, Saas-Fee Ride and London Ride have gained several thousand hours of television broadcast air time. Last year’s Saas-Fee Ride gained the athletes over 480 hours of international television exposure.

This year a 24 minute TV programme will be released to the networks through Quattro Media and broadcast across the globe. This will be available at the end of August. Please contact Quattro Media to acquire the TV programme. The 24 minute programme will also be available to view via http://www.saasfeeride.com. From the homepage of the site you will be able to click the screen and watch in Windows Media Video, QuickTime, IPOD and Mobile Phone clips of the full 24 minute programme before it hits the TV networks.

Hope you guys enjoy the footage from this weekend’s event and we'll touch base with you again in August when the 24 minute TV programme is launched. Have a great summer!