The concept of the REMIx is a dangerous one. Especially dangerous only if you don’t know what it is, what it means, or why people are saying things like “Talent Imitates, Genius Steals.”

So, in case you missed the original LIVE version of chasejarvisLIVE: the REMIX episode with Mike Relm, we have delivered you with some re-watch goods once again. As always, the rewatch episode is not the complete show and you miss out on the chance to interact with us LIVE, however there’s still a veritable cornucopia of deep, important, even controversial info here for your devouring.

Couple more important notes:

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3. Follow Mike Relm. He is a badass. Here’s his twitter. Here’s his YouTube channel. Here’s the number on his credit card. Just kidding on that last one, but it’s still a useful link.