Hey guys! Im currently located at Rødde Folkehøyskole (freestyle skiing academy). Like last year Im here for a water ramping trip they do every year.

This is the head coach Eimund! I known Eimund for a while now, he was there when I did my first competition here in Norway and actually stood beside (below) me on one of my first podiums ever.
When I got here this evening Eimund had to go to a meeting so I figured I would go for a walk and check out what´s going on around here. I found a gym so I worked out for an hour.
After my work out I continued my little walk and found some pretty cool stuff like this stair set-up. it looks pretty sick.
A summer set-up on a rainbow!
a little rollarcoaster box.They also had a minramp, a mountain bike drop and some other cool rails.I have to get off the computer now. I´ve been pending between this blog update and facebook for two hours and it´s 4 and a half hour until I have to get up and go to the water ramps. Good Night!