Halloween is supposed to be a holiday filled with make believe terror, blood, ghosts and death. But sad to say, Halloween 2009 ended in real life tragedy. A good friend, teammate and semi-extinct polar bear was tragically killed in an automobile accident. At 1:30 AM, Jeff Kiesel was traveling North on State Road in Salt Lake City after a night of "partying" with his friends. Jeff was slightly intoxicated but was "good to drive home" according to his friends, Sean Kaldhusdal of Valencia, CA and Steven Spencer Stepp of PA. From out of nowhere Jeff was blind-sided by another drunk driver, throwing his 2009 Subaru into a nearby creek. The car was not found until around 6:00 AM this morning where witnesses say it was a horrifying scene. Jeff was an avid freestyle skier known for his tricks in the half pipe and terrain parks around the nation. Jeff will be loved and missed by all.